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About was registered in the dawn of the Internet era when it was hard to predict the future of the Internet and importance of a good website name. As a computer professional I was able to imagine a future in which everyone uses the Internet and could see many benefits in a good generic website name. I knew that it is easier to memorize a simple meaningful name than a phone number or saving a bunch of business cards. At that time a chiropractor in Cliofton asked me if I can make a website for him. While preparing a quote for him I reserved the 2 names that I would consider the best names and waited for his order.

A few weeks passed and the chiropractor did not place an order. I decided to pay the fees and register the names hoping that it will be used by another chiropractor who may need a website in the near future.

At this time I don't do web design any more and is used as a source of information and advertisement. If you are interested in advertising in this website or lease or buy it for your business please call 979-307-1000.