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Large Skeleton Model

Educating patients and explaining the conditions of ilment in plain language is an important responsibility of any medical practicionar. Here are some of the tools you may use to simplify understanding a condition.

Lare size skeleton model

A life size adult skeleton may me used to explain the conditions causing pain and discomfort. You may also use it to describe how the treatment will work.

This life-sized skeleton model features unbreakable plastic bones that were carefully cast to preserve the finest details. The mandible is hinged; the arms, legs and skull are removable; and the calvarium is sectioned to allow for study of the cranial vault. There is natural movement in the joints wherever possible. The jaw features a full set of teeth, three of which are removable for closer examination. The spinal column shows the spinal cord, nerve exits, vertebral arteries and a herniated disk.

**Special Order**
Ships in 7-10 business days.
Price: $350 - $500

Large life size adult skeleton model